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About the Book

A Way to Offer Help and Hope to Those Facing Cancer

All too often we hear that someone we know is facing cancer. A friend, relative, or neighbor—or a colleague, church member, customer, patient, or client—receives the devastating news of a cancer diagnosis.

During such a difficult time, we want to reach out with support and care, to offer help and hope. But how?

A simple, powerful way is to give a copy of Cancer—Now What? This book from Stephen Ministries is a comprehensive how-to guide that helps cancer patients and their loved ones navigate the medical, emotional, relational, and spiritual challenges of cancer.

Each copy of Cancer—Now What? includes a Quick Tips card, which offers suggestions for how readers might use the book.


  • Asking the right questions at the right time

  • Finding reliable information

  • Tracking medical information simply and effectively

  • Helping your medical team help you


  • Coping with the emotional aftershocks

  • Finding ways to express difficult feelings

  • Not letting cancer define you

  • Caring for yourself



  • Getting the support you need

  • Updating others without wearing yourself out

  • Creating a safe place within your family

  • Connecting with those who have faced cancer


  • Finding spiritual support

  • Weathering spiritual storms

  • Being totally honest with God

  • Asking hard questions without feeling guilty

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