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What Readers Are Saying about
Cancer—Now What?

What Readers Are Saying about Cancer—Now What?

Cancer Survivors

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Cancer—Now What? is the book I wish someone had given me after my diagnosis—so it’s what I give to others to show my care and support.”

Louis | Memphis, Tennessee

“It’s like having an organized toolbox for dealing with cancer. Whatever you’re facing, you reach in, find the right tool, and put it to use. Everyone facing cancer or supporting someone with cancer needs a copy of this book.”

Christina | Sacramento, California

Cancer—Now What? feels like a good friend walking with you every step of the way. On top of that, this one companion has drawn on the knowledge and experience of thousands of people, so it’s as if a whole army is at your side, offering help, assurance, and hope.”

Carl | Wilmington, North Carolina

“When my doctor said cancer, I was too overwhelmed to even know to look for a book like this. But Cancer—Now What? is just what I needed. I now give a copy to every person I know who is diagnosed.”

Kate | Grand Rapids, Michigan

“This book is so valuable. It’s filled with understandable, need-to-know information that’s grounded in the real-life experiences of patients, their families, and doctors and nurses. It’s the most complete, caring, and reliable book on cancer I’ve ever seen.”

Tom | Boston, Massachusetts

Cancer—Now What? provides excellent, practical information on every aspect of dealing with cancer, and it does so in such a thoughtful, easy-to-follow manner. It’s as if the author is sitting right beside you, offering wisdom, encouragement, and support. This is the book you need when facing cancer!”

Evie | Danville, Kentucky

Loved Ones of Someone with Cancer

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“When you hear that diagnosis, it feels as if you’ve been dropped in the middle of the ocean. Receiving a copy of Cancer—Now What? was like being thrown a lifeline that kept me afloat and helped me find my way back to dry land.”

Diane | Huntley, Illinois

Cancer—Now What? has transformed my wife’s and my outlook and empowered us to move forward with greater focus and confidence. For patients and families seeking guidance, strength, and hope, this is the book you need!”

Jack | Pebble Beach, California

“I couldn’t have received this book at a better time—my sister had just started treatment and was relying on me to provide a lot of care and support. Cancer—Now What? helped me know what to expect and how I could help in ways that truly made a difference.”

Marie | Tallahassee, Florida

“The book is overflowing with helpful information, but it’s the personal touch that really sets it apart. It’s grounded in people’s real experiences and written with a great deal of compassion. Thank you for this inspiring, empowering guide.”

John | Okatie, South Carolina

“I love how it draws from the real-life experiences of cancer survivors, doctors, and nurses to provide practical guidance and relatable examples. It’s very well written and helpful for anyone dealing with cancer.”

Lynn | McKinney, Texas

“When I heard Mom’s diagnosis, my immediate thoughts were, ‘What do we do now? How can I help?’ Cancer—Now What? is a much-needed guide for just that time. It’s a practical, hope-filled reference for what you and your loved one need to know as you walk together through cancer.”

Bob | Helena, Montana

Medical Professionals

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“A tremendous resource for helping those who are shocked, worried, sad, or scared after a cancer diagnosis. So much helpful information—and it’s all spot on, well-organized, and easy to use. What an amazing book!”

H. Jeffrey Wilkins, M.D. | Chief Medical Officer, Clinical Researcher | Sellersville, Pennsylvania

“Any time you have questions, refer to this book. Look at the table of contents, find what you’re wondering about, and turn to those pages. This book is packed full of valuable, reliable information that will guide you through the cancer journey.”

Lyn Robertson, RN, MSN, DrPH | University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Cancer—Now What? is unique in how well it covers such a broad spectrum of clinical, spiritual, and psychosocial topics that can arise during the treatment of cancer. Patients, families, and caregivers will all benefit from this compassionate, well-written book.”

Victor G. Vogel, M.D., MHS, FACP | Director, Breast Medical Oncology/Research, Geisinger Medical Center | Danville, Pennsylvania

“As a physician who is also a cancer survivor, I consider this book a true blessing! It’s written in easy-to-read language and chock-full of information for navigating the rough waters of cancer. This book will make a huge difference for patients and their families.”

Holly Johnson, M.D. | Florida Hospital Centra Care Clinic | Winter Springs, Florida

“No one is ever prepared for a cancer diagnosis. That’s why it’s so important to get this book into the patient’s hands as soon as possible. As an oncologist and a cancer survivor, I want all my patients and their families to have this book.”

Jack T. Griffeth, M.D., FACRO | Radiation Oncologist | Northeast Georgia Medical Center | Gainesville, Georgia

“Speaking as both a nurse and a cancer survivor, I love this book! It’s a wonderful tool for a very challenging time in a person’s life. It’s well written and easy to understand, and it provides a vital pathway for moving forward after the diagnosis.”

Debra Ariguzo, RN, CNRN | Mitchellville, Maryland

Cancer—Now What? addresses the full spectrum of concerns people have after diagnosis and eases the burden of figuring out what to do by offering logical, practical actions to take. It’s an indispensable resource for both patients and their families.”

Ronald Centner, M.D. | Family Medicine Practitioner | Louisville, Kentucky

“Dr. Haugk has done an excellent job addressing the questions, emotions, and concerns so many people grapple with during their cancer journey.”

Desirée Hao, M.D., FRCPC | Medical Oncologist and Associate Professor | Tom Baker Cancer Centre, University of Calgary | Calgary, Alberta

Mental Health Professionals

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“I’ve never encountered a book that offers as much helpful guidance after a cancer diagnosis. And with Dr. Haugk’s warm, conversational tone, it’s like a knowledgeable, caring friend has come over to help, right when you need it most.”

David L. Charney, M.D. | Psychiatrist and Medical Director | Roundhouse Square Counseling Center | Alexandria, Virginia

Cancer—Now What? is a tremendous gift for both patients and their loved ones, providing them with practical strategies for navigating all the issues and emotions stirred up by cancer. A very helpful, hopeful book.”

Julie Stroemel, BSN, Psy.D. | Clinical Psychologist | Everett, Washington

Cancer—Now What? is a complete and comprehensive resource that explores all aspects of dealing with cancer, including important issues people don’t always think about. It’s great to know that when I give this book to my patients, they’ll have valuable information and tools to help them get through the storm.”

Scott K. Bullock, MSW, LISW-S, CEDS | Family Therapist | Lindner Center of Hope| Mason, Ohio

“Giving this book to the parents of a child with cancer can help ease their anxiety and increase their ability to function and cope. They’ll be more focused, better informed, and better able to be active in their child’s treatment. That, in turn, helps medical staff provide the best care. This book is a marvelous resource!”

Mary Weatherford, Ph.D. | Clinical Psychologist | Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center | St. Louis, Missouri


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“I love this book because it’s so empowering. It brings order to the chaos of a cancer diagnosis and hope for the journey ahead. As a pastor, cancer survivor, and father of someone who had cancer, I strongly recommend this book to patients and their families—and to anyone looking to offer them help and support.”

Dr. Howard Clark | Survivor, Loved One | San Jose, California

“This book is exactly what I’ve been looking for. It gave one ‘aha!’ moment after another on what to expect and how to help and support someone with cancer. I keep a stock of these books on my shelf so I can give a copy to anyone I know who receives a diagnosis.”

Pastor Kathy Mihoerck | Congregation Care Minister | Northern Cambria, Pennsylvania

“I’ve never seen any other resource that is as complete and thorough as Cancer—Now What? It contains an abundance of practical information, helpful ideas, and useful suggestions—it covers all the bases. I want every family in our church that is facing cancer to have this book!”

Rev. Dr. David Schwab | Loved One | Maineville, Ohio

“The greatest strength of this book is how it goes beyond the physical and medical aspects of cancer to cover the mental, emotional, and family challenges too. It has a lot of wisdom and guidance on topics I haven’t seen covered anywhere else. It’s a detailed roadmap to guide you through this experience.”

Dr. James S. Lee | Survivor | El Monte, California

“A lot of research and thought went into this book, and the experience and compassion of the author clearly comes through. Cancer—Now What? should be in the hands of every person dealing with cancer. A wonderful resource!”

Rev. Elsie-Marie Niiler | Clergy—Hospital | Bel Air, Maryland

“At any given time, I have a list of people who have been diagnosed with cancer. Giving them Cancer—Now What? is one of the best ways I can help. It’s filled with information that’s practical, warm, and easy to read—an excellent guide through the challenges ahead.”

Rev. Victor Calcote | Survivor, Loved One | Derby, Kansas

Stephen Leaders

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“I was right in the middle of my battle with cancer when I received Cancer—Now What? It captured so well everything I was going through, offering guidance, comfort, and support. It’s a wonderful book for those on the cancer journey and a great resource for Stephen Ministers wanting to better understand the cancer experience.”

Anita Hans | Survivor, Stephen Minister | Tampa, Florida

“From front to back, this book is filled with solid information and practical ideas for the person with cancer and the person’s family. In addition, it’s a great resource for friends, Stephen Ministers, and anyone else who wants to truly understand the needs and perspective of someone going through cancer. Everyone can learn from this book!”

Gordon Muirhead | Loved One, Stephen Leader | Omaha, Nebraska

Cancer—Now What? is a great resource to give to people after diagnosis, helping them know what to expect, reducing their fear, and providing information and ideas for managing the challenges ahead. It’s given our Stephen Ministry another powerful way to reach out to people in our church and community who are dealing with cancer.”

Jan Forman | Survivor, Stephen Leader | Raleigh, North Carolina

“This practical, all-encompassing resource has been right on with everything I’ve experienced. For all Stephen Ministers: This is the book your care receivers should have as they go through cancer. This is the book you should read as you walk the journey with them.”

Jeff Osterhout | Survivor, Stephen Minister | Valparaiso, Indiana

“After the diagnosis, when the floor drops out from under you, Cancer—Now What? softens your landing, provides how-to information on what you’ll encounter, and gently walks with you through the whole cancer journey. It’s a book filled with hope.”

Sandy Allen | Loved One, Stephen Leader | Branchburg, New Jersey

“An excellent resource for patients and their families, covering the broad spectrum of issues they’re likely to face. It’s also a must read for Stephen Ministers, pastors, friends, or anyone else providing help and support.”

Jennifer Wilhite | Nurse, Loved One, Stephen Leader | Springfield, Illinois

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