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Who Is Giving the Book?

With one in three women and one in two men expected to receive a cancer diagnosis at some point in their life, it’s likely that every one of us personally knows someone who could benefit from having a copy of Cancer—Now What?

Who is giving the book to people with cancer and their loved ones?

“When my doctor said cancer, I was too overwhelmed to even know to look for a book like this. But Cancer—Now What? is just what I needed. I now give a copy to every person I know who is diagnosed.”

Kate | Cancer Survivor | Grand Rapids, Michigan

Anyone who comes in contact with someone facing cancer can give this book as a way to offer help, support, and care. Many individuals and organizations keep multiple copies on hand to give after they find out about a cancer diagnosis. (See quantity pricing for Cancer—Now What?)

The Cancer—Now What? Giver’s Guide provides suggestions for giving the book to those diagnosed with cancer and their loved ones.

The Quick Tips card, which is included with each copy of Cancer—Now What? and offers suggestions for using the book, can also help people talk about the book as they give it to those dealing with cancer.

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